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How To Find a Problem For Your Solution - Episode 6.7

In Episode 6.7 of The Startup Show, Joe Procopio (Automated Insights, ExitEvent), Jon Colgan (Veeto, Cellbreaker), and Andy Roth (RocketBolt) talk to NeuroPlus founder Jake Stauch about how his amazing brainwave tech struggled to take off until he found the right problem for his solution.


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Tatiana Battles the Big Boys - Episode 6.6
Video + Post + Q&A In Episode 6.6 of The Startup Show, Joe Procopio (Automated Insights, ExitEvent), Jon Colgan (Veeto, Cellbreaker), and Andy Roth (RocketBolt) discuss the challenges of starting up a retail product, in this case, Mati Energy, with founder and CEO Tatiana Birgisson. The beverage industry is home to some entrenched, deep-pocketed (sometimes evil) corporations, and the plucky startup has to be more than just unique and hardworking to survive in that environment. There's almost always an element of luck involved.


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Entrepreneur Isn't a Job - Episode 6.5
Video + Post + Q&A In Episode 6.5 of The Startup Show, Joe Procopio (Automated Insights, ExitEvent), Jon Colgan (Veeto, Cellbreaker), and Andy Roth (RocketBolt) discuss how rare it is when people who aren't entrepreneurs understand what we entrepreneurs do, let alone respect what we do. But we love what we do, and it almost always shows in how we talk about what we do. That's not something a lot of people can say.

How to Start a Company Outside of Silicon Valley - Episode 6.4
Video + Post + Q&A In Episode 6.4 of The Startup Show, Joe Procopio (Automated Insights, ExitEvent), Jon Colgan (Veeto, Cellbreaker), and Andy Roth (RocketBolt) are kind of done with all the thinkpieces coming down from on high pleading that every startup ecosystem that isn't Silicon Valley should stop trying to be like Silicon Valley. Trust us. We're not. We're good here. But we do need to focus on all the ways in which we're different from Silicon Valley and how we should play to our strengths.

When Being an Entrepreneur Stops Being Fun - Episode 6.3
Video + Post + Q&A In Episode 6.3 of The Startup Show, Joe Procopio (Automated Insights, ExitEvent), Jon Colgan (Veeto, Cellbreaker), and Andy Roth (RocketBolt) discuss every entrepreneur's responsibility to walk the fine line between having fun and making money. Startup should be a blast, but at some point, you have to start chasing revenue. Here's how to do that without killing your company culture.


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How to Almost Kill Your Startup - Episode 6.2
Video + Post + Q&A In Episode 6.2 of The Startup Show, we interrogate the amazing Tatiana Birgisson, founder of rapidly-growing natural energy drink startup Mati Energy. While Mati has exploded over the last 18 months, they've started to go up against big, entrenched players, including behemoth multi-national corporations (think Coca-Cola). Find out how Tatiana learned fast, kept her company agile, and how she recovered from a critical mistake that almost killed her company during its first mass-production run.

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a 2nd Startup - Episode 6.1
Video + Post + Q&A In Episode 6.1 of The Startup Show, Joe Procopio (Automated Insights, ExitEvent), Andy Roth (RocketBolt), and Jon Colgan (Veeto, Cellbreaker) propose that all entrepreneurs need two things to work on at the same time. A lot of entrepreneurs get started by building their own business on the side while still working at their day job full time. This is a hard path to walk, but for the sake of creativity and motivation, every entrepreneur should continue on with a 2nd thing, something between a hobby and job, once their startup becomes their full time job.

How To Start a Business Without a Good Idea - Episode 5.3
Video + Post + Q&A In episode 5.3 of The Startup Show, we dive into how to do startup without having a good idea, a question posed by one of our members at Current entrepreneurs Joe Procopio (Automated Insights, ExitEvent), Andy Roth (RocketBolt), and Jon Colgan (Veeto, Cellbreaker) talk about how get started without an idea, how to generate good startup ideas, brilliant ideas that don't make money, why your first idea won't be your best, and alternatives to starting your own company right away.

A Startup Culture of Entitlement and Sexual Misconduct - Episode 5.2
Video + Post + Q&A In Episode 5.2 of The Startup Show, we get three dudes together to talk about sexual harassment, because how could that go wrong. But in all seriousness, this discussion should be uncomfortable, and it's necessary, for everyone, including these three dudes, to push the conversation forward.

Why West Coast VCs Won't Fund Your Business - Episode 5.1
Video + Post + Q&A In Episode 5.1 of The Startup Show, entrepreneurs Joe Procopio (Automated Insights, ExitEvent, Intrepid Media), Jon Colgan (Veeto, Cellbreaker), and Andy Roth (RocketBolt) talk about everything from beer to religion to creative writing to west coast venture capitalists and how they can influence and impact local economies.

The Poker Episode - Teaching Startup: The Show - Episode 4.3
Video + Post + Q&A In startup, everyone talks about failure and a lot of folks even encourage it -- Fail fast and fail often, they say. There's nothing wrong with this mantra, on its face, but it's rare that someone will actually walk you through what failure looks like and how to prepare for it. In startup, failure isn't the loss of your startup, failure is a long parade of pain.

All Startups Are Scams - Teaching Startup: The Show - Episode 4.2
Video + Post + Q&A There's a fine line between being a dreamer and being an entrepreneur. Don't get me wrong, I mean this in the best light possible. Without dreams, without suspension of disbelief, without the ignorance of what can't be done, the entrepreneur is no different than the cubicle drone. One thing separates the entrepreneur from the dreamer: Execution.

When Do You Call Yourself An Entrepreneur - Teaching Startup: The Show - Episode 4.1
Video + Post + Q&A Why do people hesitate calling themselves entrepreneurs? I meet entrepreneurs from all over the country -- these are smart, ambitious, even successful people who having trouble getting the term entrepreneur to roll off the tongue. And more often than not, it's because they feel like they don't know enough about startup to label themselves as an entrepreneur. This is ludicrous. And it makes me furious.

Why You Shouldn't Chase Venture Capital - Episode 3.4
Video + Post + Q&A In our final episode with special guest Thad Lewis, we talk about sales and we talk about funding, the way they're related, and how they're different. Thad Lewis is an NFL quarterback, and in that, he's got a couple of things working in his favor that the average entrepreneur does not, namely, connections and money. But this doesn't necessarily give him a leg up.

Confidence is Everything - Episode 3.3
Video + Post + Q&A We continue our discussion with NFL QB and entrepreneur Thad Lewis. Here's another way startup and sports run parallel. When you're an entrepreneur, confidence is everything. When you're an athlete, confidence is everything. Talent can only take you so far, it's confidence that's going to give you just enough of a boost to separate you from the pack.

Hire What You Suck At - Episode 3.2
Video + Post + Q&A As an NFL quarterback, Thad Lewis has a couple of things working in his favor that translate well to becoming an entrepreneur, including available capital and great connections. But there are also areas he's not 100% versed on, like technology and marketing. Oh yeah, he also doesn't have a lot of time on his hands. His day job is a little more than 40 hours a week.

Why Startup is Like Being an NFL Quarterback - Episode 3.1
Video + Post + Q&A This episode features a very special guest and extremely cool human being: San Francisco 49er quarterback and entrepreneur Thad Lewis. Aside from being a working NFL QB, Thad founded TL9 for his future after football and as a way to give back to the system that got him where he is. He's not alone as an athlete entrepreneur, and that's because there are a ridiculous number of parallels between sports and startup. We start covering them here.

How To Build Relationships With Investors - Episode 2.4
Video + Post + Q&A Just because your startup landed venture capital, that doesn't mean you're successful. And just because you've been offered investment doesn't mean you should take it.

How To Get Noticed - Episode 2.3
Video + Post + Q&A Getting noticed in startup is all about building relationships -- with your investors, with your customers, and with your potential investors and customers. Cultivating these relationships is one of the most important jobs for every founder, and it's a shame that a lot of entrepreneurs don't do it right.

What Does Success Look Like? - Episode 2.2
Video + Post + Q&A What does a successful entrepreneur look like? That's a pretty good question that shouldn't have an answer, but it does. There are two prototypes, the VC wannabe and the dorm room hoodie. And it's all dudes. And all of that needs to change.

How To Market a Startup - Episode 2.1
Video + Post + Q&A Entrepreneurs are usually terrible at marketing, especially first-time entrepreneurs. And that's the core of this episode -- where we dig into offline vs. online marketing tactics and how one must complement the other in order to see any success out of either.

Survive or Die! - Episode 1.6
Video + Post + Q&A You hear this all the time as a cautionary tale in startup -- Survive or Die! There will be times when you have to make the decision to power through all of your mistakes or give up under the weight of them.

What's Your Biggest Weakness? - Episode 1.5
Video + Post + Q&A In this episode we focus on our weaknesses. Not necessarily our failures, but those pieces of us that we're bad at. Startup doesn't talk about weakness much. Failure stories are great, but 90% of the time they're humblebrags -- "We flew too close to the sun like Icarus!"

The Crumbling of Corporate Culture - Episode 1.4
Video + Post + Q&A I founded Teaching Startup because I believe we're on the verge of a new era of entrepreneurship. Those jobs we lost in the Great Recession? They're not coming back. They're being automated and streamlined out of existence.

Why Do We Make Startup So Damn Boring? - Episode 1.3
Video + Post + Q&A Startup can be like a club where the people who are behind the velvet rope keep talking about how much it sucks in order to keep people from wanting to get in. It shouldn't be like that. We should keep preaching about how awesome being an entrepreneur is.

Are Startup Accelerators Worth It? - Episode 1.2
Video + Post + Q&A Startup accelerators are all the rage -- hard to get into and seemingly a one-way ticket to success. Colgan has been through 500 Startups, and Andy is on his way after a successful stint at The Startup Factory, so we have a conversation about the pros and cons.

You Can Bleep That Out, Right? - Episode 1.1
Video + Post + Q&A Introducing Teaching Startup: The Show, a different way to bring startup and entrepreneurship to everyone. We talk about startup without droning on about startup. We also talk about stuff that's far more interesting.