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Teaching Startup makes you a better entrepreneur. We deliver startup education and mentoring to people of all ages from all backgrounds -- at scale, on demand, and in an entertaining way.

You could say we're democratizing startup.

Teaching Startup creates new paths for anyone, regardless of experience, connections, or access, to learn startup, grow their entrepreneurial knowledge, and maybe even change their life.

We do this with The Network and The Show and The Podcast.

The Network

The Network ( is a membership-based website of entrepreneurs, investors, advisors, mentors, and... well, just about anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship and startup. We keep the network useful by making it content-driven.

The original content on The Network -- written, video, and audio -- is based in the Grid: Five components of each of the five basic concepts of startup (Stages, Roles, Kinds, Funding, and Reasons). A lot of the content is member only, and there's also member-only Q&A and conversation around that content.

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The Show

Teaching Startup: The Show is a bunch of entrepreneurs talking about startup, among other things, and discussing real, relevant issues in an honest and open way.

The Show opens up startup to everyone. We talk in frank, easily understandable, no-bull terms, with content delivered by actual entrepreneurs with real-world startup experience. The target audience is from middle-school to middle-age, whether you're just thinking about jumping into startup or you've sold a couple companies and maybe want to give back.

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The Podcast

The Podcast is the audio cut of each episode of The Show. That will work for you multitasking entrepreneurs. Listen while you work.

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