The Show: Episode 1.1 -- You Can Bleep That Out, Right?

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Introducing Teaching Startup: The Show, a different way to bring startup and entrepreneurship to everyone.

On The Show, we talk about startup without droning on about startup. Sure, we talk about startup, in fact, we do that a lot, and you'll definitely learn something. But we also talk about stuff that's far more interesting.

Pop culture? Of course. We don't do our jobs 24/7. Neither should you.

Sports? Yeah, look at us. It's in our DNA.

Parenting? No better way to learn about being an entrepreneur.

Humor? If you're not laughing, we're not doing our job.


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Led by a 20-year entrepreneur and the founder of ExitEvent (the first and most widely-read startup news source in the Southeast), The Show also features a former actor turned entrepreneur, a former athlete turned entrepreneur, and a former musician turned entrepreneur. Everyone has startup cred. Everyone is a storyteller. Everyone is funny (most of the time).

Look. Too many people get turned off or burned out by what's out there masquerading as startup content. If you need to know what a Total Addressable Market is, look that up on the Internets. If you want to feel like you're a part of something, this is for you.

This is also not a lovefest. We're not going to throw Successories at you and tell you to be the startup you want to dream. This is real. This is about your life and your work.

There's nothing out there like this.

The Show is a part of The Network, our fancy name for this website -- where members can talk about what we write and shoot as well as anything that happens to be on their mind. There is member-only content, and anyone can join, participate, ask, answer, and get educated.

We have special guests, both on The Show and in The Network. We focus on investment (but not live and die by it). You get a lesson plan on the Network and access to help, resources, and opportunities.

The Show is shot live by the guys at the Interbrew -- video and producing professionals with an awesome track record. We also have The Podcast with audio from multiple episodes.

Come on along. Sign up here.

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